Frequency Converter

Avionic Instruments latest generation of 3.5 KVA Frequency Converter product family offers market leading weight at 23 Lb’s (10.4 Kg’s). The unit provides galvanic isolation via a 12 pulse TRU front end with a patented output section that switches at high frequency and operates safely when exposed to overload and short circuit conditions.

Our product line now includes all new “smart” DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controlled 875 VA, 1 KVA and 1.5 KVA frequency converters, which set new standards for SWaP.

The base 875 VA Multiple Output Frequency Converter design was qualified and certified to power medical outlets on the Boeing 787 platform.

Product Options

DSP Technology

3.5 KVA, 50 Hz

3.5 KVA, 60 Hz

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